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Kaytee Sweet Dreams Nesting Material

Sweet Dreams cradles your critter in cottony comfort. This nesting material is made from super absorbent, all-natural, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic cotton. Be sure to provide a fresh handful of Sweet Dreams to your furry friend every time you clean its cage to give it a cosy, comfy naptime experience. Sweet Dreams is made using tangle-free short strands of cotton fibres to ensure safety and comfort for your little critter.

Each - $12.50

 Available in a fun mixture of colours including soft blue, night time yellow and restful pink.

Your fuzzy buddies will hop right into bed and cover up their heads with a bunch of Sweet Dreams Nesting.

It's safe, soft and comfortable!
- Sweet Dreams is made from Viscose, a processed form of cellulose. Cellulose is the basic component of all plant cells.
- Safe and comfortable nesting material
- Vegetable based colours.
- Sweet Dreams creates a natural sense of security and cosy comfort for any small animal. 
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