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Beco Degradable Poo Bags



Plastic bags are a huge concern on a global scale and at Beco they were determined to do their bit to help. As things stand, approximately one million plastics bags are used every minute and each of these poo bags can take up to 1,000 years to degrade!

Beco Bags make cleaning up after your pet as eco-friendly as possible. Commonly only 1 in 200 standard plastic bags is recycled, that’s a lot of bags going to landfill that will never break down. That is why Beco have developed the Beco Bag range.

Big, strong and degradable. Extra-large and extra thick. We cater for almost all poop sizes (apologies to any owners of pet elephants). And rest assured that all of our bags completely break down once disposed of.

Unlike other bags, Beco Poo Bags are degradable and will break down after you dispose of them. Made from waste plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks, they are completely sustainable to produce and biodegradable when finished with.

Beco Bag rolls also fit perfectly inside the Beco Pocket as well as most other standard poop bag dispensers.

Packaging is made from recycled paper, bags are conveniently dispensed on a recycled paper core instead of a plastic one.

  • Extra-strong bags mean no ripped, torn, or wasted bags when you need to deal with extraordinary poops.
  • Extra-long bags so you or your sleeve never make unwanted contact
  • Has an additive that allows the bags to break down, unlike traditional plastic bags

BecoBags are made from 98% PE plastic and 2% D2W, which is the additive that causes the bag to degrade once it comes into contact with organic matter and is thrown away.

Available in 3 sizes:
60 pack -Each pack has 4 rolls of 15 of degradable bags, that’s 60 bags in total.
120 Pack -Each pack has 8 rolls of 15 of degradable bags, that’s 120 bags in total.
270 Pack -Each pack has 18 rolls of 15 of degradable bags, that’s 270 bags in total.

Dimensions 22 x 33cm