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Brooklands Airline Carrier

Airline Approved
Easy To Use Door Catch
Wingnut Fasteners For Safety



These top quality pet carriers meet air cargo requirements so you know your pet will be safe when being transported either by vehicle or plane.

Wingnut fasteners for safety so the carrier does not fall apart like some cheaper versions can. Easy to use door catch

The moat in floor catches liquid to keep animal dry. Water dish included which is mandatory for flying and preferable for vehicle transport, particularly in hot conditions.

Meets Air Cargo requirements. Note that airlines require that your pet can turn around inside the carrier, so please allow for this in your sizing.

Suitable for cats and dogs

Available in 8 sizes: (length x width x height)

  • Mini – 50 x 33 x 33cm up to 5kg.  Carrier weight approx 3kg.
  • Small – 56 x 37 x 33cm up to 7kg. Carrier weight approx 3kg.
  • Medium – 61 x 40 x 40cm up to 10kg. Carrier weight approx 3kg.
  • Large – 68 x 51 x 47cm up to 18kg. Carrier weight approx 5kg.
  • Xtra Large – 80 x 56 x 59cm up to 25kg. Carrier weight approx 7kg.
  • XX Large – 90 x 60 x 68cm up to 38kg. Carrier weight approx 9kg.
  • Giant – 100 x 67 x 75cm up to 50kg.  Carrier weight approx 12kg.
  • Monster – 120 x 85 x 90cm.  Carrier weight approx 15kg.

Note: Giant & Monster are only ordered when paid for as these are too large to keep in stock.