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      Comfy Cone


      Unique Design

      A Great Alternative To Rigid Plastic Cones



      From the USA comes the Comfy Cone which is a soft, cone-shaped e-collar that helps your pets heal and recover from surgeries, procedures, allergy flare-ups and hot spots in comfort.

      A great alternative to rigid plastic cones, it prevents your dog or cat from reaching the wounded, sensitive or irritated area while still allowing them to walk, eat, sleep and play comfortably.

      And best of all, it’s vet tested and approved!

      The unique design of the Comfy Cone includes:

      • Foam-backed, padded, tight-gauge nylon that even prevents cats from getting their claws into the material
      • Opaque inner surface to reduce shadows and distorted views, like blinders for a horse, so pets stay calm
      • Reversible, inside out and from upright to around shoulders and chest
      • Hook & loop for tight closures, making it easy to get on and off animals quickly
      • Unique design with removable plastic stays that allow you to adjust the rigidity of the cone to fit your pet’s specific needs
      • Water-resistant and repellent materials that are easy to wipe clean reflective edge for safety and elastic loops at the neck to thread your pet’s collar through for a secure fit at the neck

      When using a Comfy Cone for your pet, be sure to get the best fit by ensuring that the Comfy Cone extends from your pet’s neck past their snout.

      Available In Eight Sizes:
      -Xtra Small 11cm neck to snout. Neck diameter 23cm to 29cm Suitable for Chihuahua size dogs or small to medium size cats.
      -Small 14cm neck to snout. Neck size 25cm to 31cm Suitable for Maltese, Yorkie size dogs or larger size cats.
      -Small Long 20cm neck to snout.  Neck size 25cm to 31cm Suitable for Dachshunds, Jack Russells, Italian Greyhound size dogs.
      -Medium – 20cm neck to snout. Neck size 34cm to 39cm Suitable for French Bulldog size dogs.
      -Medium Extra Long – 30cm neck to snout. Neck size 34cm to 39cm Suitable for Greyhounds, Standard Poodle size dogs.
      -Large – 25cm neck to snout. Neck size 37cm to 46cm Suitable for Boxers, American Bulldogs, Australian Shepherd size dogs.
      -Extra Large – 30cm neck to snout. Neck size from 46cm to 58cm. Suitable for Golden Retrievers & German Shepherd size dogs.
      -XX Large – 36.5cm neck to snout. Neck diameter 55cm to 70cm Suitable for Great Pyrenees, Great Danes, Shepherds & Ridgeback (with longer snouts) size dogs.