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      Elasto-Fit Ice Cooling Vest

      Keeps Your Pet Cool

      Up To 6 Hours







      The GF PET® ICE-VEST® is designed with our COOLFRESH™ Technology to help keep your dog cool & comfortable on those hot days or on the go! This dog cooling vest is adjustable, light weight, has UV protection and is anti-microbial. Blue with contrast binding and rubber logo patch. Now featuring ELASTO-FIT® Technology, it expands for the perfect fit!

      Why ELASTO-FIT® ? Our ELASTO-FIT® Technology provides a snug fit for extra cooling effect. The elastics follow your dog’s movements and expand for security and comfort.

      How does it work? Our COOLFRESH™ Technology uses a unique ice-cooling net embedded in an ultra-absorbing fabric to help keep your pet cool for longer periods of time compared to other fabrics without using chemicals!

      How to use it? Wet, wring & wear. When water evaporates, repeat steps.

      When you take it out of package, it may be damp and ready to use. ALWAYS WET BEFORE UNFOLDING TO AVOID TEARING.

      NOTE: Due to the anti-bacterial nature of this product, the ELASTO-FIT® ICE VEST® is final sale. No returns or exchanges can be made. Please make sure you measure your pet following our sizing guide.

      Unlike other vests, the Elasto-fit® design is made to hug your dog. Please, expect a snug fit for extra cooling, as the elastics follow your dog’s movements and expand for security and comfort.

      1. Back length — Measure length of your pet’s back from the base of the neck all the way to just above the top of the tail.
      2. Chest Girth — Measure the chest around its’ widest point.

      Pick the closest combination of measurements to your dog’s unique shape. When in doubt, please choose the larger size.

      The Large Size :
      Back Length – 45.7 CM
      Chest Girth – 50.8 – 63.5 CM

      The XL Size :
      Back Length – 53.3 CM
      Chest Girth – 58.4 – 71.1 CM

      The 2XL Size :
      Back Length – 61 CM
      Chest Girth – 66 – 78.7 CM

      The 3XL Size :
      Back Length – 71.1 CM
      Chest Girth – 76.2 – 88.9 CM

      The 4XL Size :
      Back Length – 81.3 CM
      Chest Girth – 86.4 – 102 CM