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Flexrake Pan & Spade Raspberry

Full Powder Coat Finish
Ergonomic Cushion Grip
Makes Cleaning Up After Your Pet Easier


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Made in the USA the Flexrake® is America’s number one brand name in raking. It is a family owned and operated company and has been since 1945.

Flexrake Panorama Dog Scoop spades and rakes sets make cleaning up after your pet easier than ever.

Made from superior, extra long-lasting materials with molded non-slip vinyl grips, they make it easy to pick up your pet’s messes.

All aluminum two piece scoop set includes scoop pan and either spade or rake along with 90cm long handles with cushion grip which means no more bending over and straining your back. Handles are a comfortable 7.5cm diameter.

The ergonomic cushion grip makes this set comfortable to handle, ensuring cleaning your yard is as pleasant as possible.

To complete is a full powder coat finish in a choice of four smart colours.

Keep your backyard clean with dog scoops, in both spades and rakes, for dogs of all sizes.

Available In Two Sizes:
-Small – 17.5cm pan with 10cm wide Spade
-Large – 25cm pan with 17.5cm wide Spade

Height is 97cm.