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Rectangle Fridge Magnet 'Saving One Dog'


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“Will not change the world but for that one dog the world will be changed forever”

This magnet will tug at your heartstrings because there is nothing that feels any better than providing a good and loving home to a pet that desperately needs one. They know that one dog and their life will be forever changed.

Express yourself with this popular rectangle magnet from the USA.

We can all learn a little something from our pets, can’t we? Maybe we should take the time to slow down a little more and enjoy life like they do. A decorative magnet in your home or office, can be a daily reminder to enjoy the simple pleasures.

Made in the USA these vibrant magnets are decorative and make great gifts for pet lovers.

The bright finish on this metal magnet is covered with a durable mylar film that helps protect the design from scratches and a thick, 60mil magnetic backing, makes this a great option for any metal surface.

Size is 6.25cm x 8.75cm x 0.6cm thick.