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      Kong Airdog Squeaker Football

      Erratic Bounce

      Non-Abrasive Tennis-Ball Material

      The Inner Squeaker Grabs Your Pet’s Attention



      The KONG Squeaker Football combines the fetching fun of a football with the squawking reward of a squeaker toy. Non-abrasive tennis-ball material provides delightful, erratic bounce and is easy on your pet’s teeth.

      The inner squeaker grabs your pet’s attention and lures him into “retrieve and destroy” mode. Give this ball a long throw and watch your pet retrieve it happily while getting much-needed exercise and fresh air.

      Available in Two sizes:
      -Medium 7cm x 12cm
      -Large 10cm x 16cm

      Every dog plays differently and, since not all toys are created equal, it’s always best to keep a close watch on your pup in case things get rough. Supervised play will help toys last longer and most importantly keep your pal safe. No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.