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      Odarid Pet Bed Washing Machine Cleaner & Deodoriser

      Non Toxic

      Disinfects And Deodorises
      Very Pleasant Fragrance



      Odarid is environmentally safe, non toxic and easy to use and it works! Brand new product from Odarid is designed to wash, disinfect and deodorise and clean your pets bedding such as blankets, rugs, quilts etc.

      Use in tandem with your washing powder to get ultra clean and disinfected pet bedding. Great at getting rid of dog odours. The fragrance left by the Odarid is long lasting and very pleasant.

      Add 50ml to wash along with your usual laundry powder. Increase amount if bedding is particularly smelly and dirty. Run the machine through a full cycle and hang to dry as normal.

      Use with blankets, quilts, rugs, towels, etc.

      Also great for cleaning raised bedding that sits on decks or in kennels.

      Available in Two sizes