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      Orijen Cat Six Fish Treats


      Made With 100% Raw Fish



      Wild-caught and whisked to Orijen’s kitchen raw, our fish are gently freeze-dried to lock in their flavour and nutrients, creating a tasty and healthy treat that you can feel good about feeding your cat.
      Made with 100% raw fish ingredients.

      Nourishing wholeprey ratios of fish and bone provide a natural source of nutrients, with the delicious palatability and nutrition of organs, for added flavour that your cat will love.

      Freeze-drying — the gold standard of food preservation
      Orijen original treats are gently freeze-dried, retaining all of the natural goodness of our authentic ingredients. Our freeze-dry kitchen is equipped with nitrogen tunnels which flash-freeze ingredients at extremely low temperatures (-60°f), locking in their vitalizing nutrients.

      An 18-hour freeze-drying process gently converts the water frozen in the ingredients into ice vapour, without creating any liquid. This means only water is removed from our ingredients, leaving behind all of their goodness in a concentrated form, creating a nourishing taste experience your cat will love.



      Product Ingredients

      Raw whole herring (25%), raw flounder (21%), raw whole rock sole (18%), raw whole rockfish (17%), raw whole mackerel (15%), raw hake (3.9%).. ADDITIVES (per kg): Technological additives: tocopherol rich extract of natural origin.

      Product nutritional


      Made with 100% fish, ORIJEN treats are a protein-rich, Biologically Appropriate reward.


      Crude protein  50 %
      Fat content  30 %
      Crude fibre  1 %
      Crude ash  5 %
      Moisture  2 %

      Product feeding

      A common problem today is pets being overweight, and overfeeding is a major contributor to that. This means that you do need to be mindful about how much you are feeding your cat, and you should keep in mind how many calories they’re receiving from treats. Treats should not make up more than 10% of your pet’s daily food intake.

      An easy way to figure out how much 10% of your pet’s daily food intake is, is to look at the calorie content in your pet’s food. For example, if you are feeding a 5-kg [11-lb] cat one cup of ORIJEN Tundra per day, that would be equal to 535 kcal per day. In this situation, you shouldn’t feed more than about four treats per day.