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      Pet Nosey Cream

      30gm Tin



      Proven Natural Ingredients


      Pet Nosey Cream is a safe and gentle, healing and moisturising balm made in New Zealand with all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils.

      Developed and tested by a holistic veterinarian, Pet Nosey Cream is loved by pets and is an essential item for your pet first aid kit.

      Pet Nosey Cream is effective for:

      • Dry noses
      • Cracked noses
      • Inflamed noses
      • Protecting and repairing delicate noses

      Directions for use:
      For topical use. Apply a thin layer to your pet’s nose as needed. Moisturises the two top skin layers.

      Product Ingredients

      Proven Natural Ingredients:

      Cocoa Butter 
      Natural, lick-safe carrier oil

      Coconut Oil
      Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising

      Shea Butter
      Smooths, softens and hydrates the skin

      Helps heal chapped skin

      Almond Oil 
      Dry skin, wrinkles & cracked skin

      Lavender Oil 
      Anti-bacterial for wound care

      Avocado Oil 
      Improves skin and enhances wound healing

      Castor Oil
      One of the oldest known skin wrinkle treatments

      Plantain-infused Olive oil 
      Anti-inflammatory so helps improve inflamed & irritated skin