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Platinum Pet Non Tip Stainless Steel Bowl Pearl White

Dishwasher Safe

Removeable Silicone Base

Vibrant Powder Coated Finish



Made in the USA Platinum Pets Stainless Steel Embossed Non-Tip Bowl’s unique design will add colour to your pet’s meal every day.

The surgical-grade stainless steel bowl is tastefully embossed with paws. Available in a multitude of colours, the bowl is powder coated in a FDA compliant and dishwasher-safe finish. The powder coated finish adds extra strength against wear and tear, weather, and rust.

Each bowl comes with a durable silicone ring at the base designed to prevent spills and tipping by your hungry pet.

  • Heavy duty and durable stainless steel bowl with classic design
  • Eliminates damage to floors and spills with the durable rubber base
  • Powder coated to prevent rusting, chipping and wear and tear
  • Dishwasher-safe making the bowl easy to disinfect

Available in 4 sizes:
-Small holds 1.25 Cups inside 15cm x 6cm deep
-Medium holds 3.5 Cups inside 16.5cm x 6.5cm deep
-Large holds 6.25 Cups inside 22.5cm x 7.5cm deep
-XL holds 10 Cups inside 26cm x 9cm deep