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      Precision Pet Great Crate

      Plastic Tray

      Side or End Loading Doors

      Wire Measurements H-4.0mm/V-3.0mm/Frame-4.8mm



      Instinctively, dogs want a personal territory and safe, secure comfort zone of their own to fulfill their need to “den”.

      Dogs prefer to keep their sleeping areas clean and dry. A crate offers a positive solution to house-training and minimizes destructive behaviour. This is your dog’s bedroom

      • Designed to compete in quality and price
      • Double doors add flexibility at home and in the car
      • The top door on 1000 and 2000 models
      • The side door on 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 models
      • Safer rounded corners and closer wire spacing for added safety and strength
      • Fully assembled and ready to set up
      • Easy carry handle
      • Superior leak-proof plastic pan
      • Includes divider panel\
      • Provides a room with a good vies for you and your pet
      • Offers more opportunity for socialization (and a friendlier dog)
      • Provides better air circulation and ventilation
      • Easy to clean
      • Simple to store and transport
      • No small parts / nuts / bolts

      These crates also match the Yours Droolly Pens

      Available in six sizes:
      -Small #2000 – 61cm x 45cm x 50cm
      -Medium #3000 – 76cm x 48cm x 54cm
      -Large #4000 – 91cm x 56cm x 63cm
      -Xtra Large#5000 – 106cm x 71cm x 76cm
      -XX Large #6000 – 122cm x 76cm x 81cm