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Safe & Sound Dog Harness With Calming Heartbeat

“Real-Feel” Heartbeat

Adjustable Straps




The Safe & Sound Harness™ is a patented walking harness that provides anxiety aid through the “real-feel” heartbeat that rests against your pet’s chest.

Multi-function walking harness:

  • The “real-feel” heartbeat reduces anxiety caused by loud noises and unfamiliar surroundings
  • Comes with automobile restraint to keep pet contained in the backseat, helping to avoid distractions while driving
  • Provides comfortable and secure walk
  • Has a travel pouch for storage when heartbeat is not in use
  • Wide, adjustable straps ensure a comfortable walking experience.

Available in four sizes:

-Small  2 – 4kg
Chest Size 25-40cm
Neck Size 20-35cm

-Medium  4 – 11kg
Chest Size 35-55cm
Neck Size 30-48cm

-Large – up to 24kg
Chest Size 45-71cm
Neck Size 40-60cm

-Extra Large – up to 36kg
Chest Size 60-99cm
Neck Size 50-73cm

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