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      SmartPetLove Tender-Tuffs Ball Blue Cow

      Multiple Squeakers

      Fetch, Toss and Catch

      Tear Blok Technology



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      Tender-tuffs Balls are for every dog owner who wants a plush toy your dog loves to play with that lasts longer than a day.  They come in bright colors and a ball shape, making them ideal for h hours of fetch and interactive play!

      Tender-tuffs Ball are intended for rough play, but are not meant as a chew toy.

      Proprietary Tear Blok Technology means increased durability and reduces the need for replacements

      Puncture resistant squeaker allows tender-tuffs to keep squeaking!

      Ideal engaging toy facilitates healthy interaction between you and your dog

      The average size of these toys is 15cm x 15cm x 17cm

      Every dog plays differently and since not all toys are created equal, it’s always best to keep a close watch on your pup in case things get rough. Supervised play will help toys last longer and most importantly keep your pal safe. No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.