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      Super Drybed Camel

      Fast Drying

      Keep Your Pet Warm And Dry

      Draws Moisture Away From Your Pet



      Direct from Europe this top-quality dry bed bedding is designed to keep your dog or cat toasty warm and dry.

      The unique non toxic material draws moisture away from your pet so they are kept dry and warm. Luxurious 25-30mm pile depth.

      Dry bed is great for putting on beds and in kennels in winter, for older pets with incontinence challenges or who are arthritic, young puppies and mothers with pups, wonderful in the back of your car.

      Multiple sizes are available to fit beds, crates, trolleys, whelping boxes and the back of cars.

      A quick wash in the washing machine and easy dry.

      Available in three sizes:
      -Medium –  75cm x 50cm.
      -Large size – 100cm x 75cm.
      -Extra large – 150cm x 100cm.

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