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Torus Pet Advanced Filters For Water Bowl 6 Pack

Comes in a convenient 6 pack

Each Standard Filter Lasts 30 Days

Uses High Quality Carbon To Remove Imprurities


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Dehydration is a serious problem for any animal and can lead to lethargy, kidney stones and in extreme cases even organ failure.

TORUS PET™ is a patented 2 litre auto-replenishing water bowl complete with an internal activated carbon filter. This ensures that your pet is drinking fresh and clean water whenever it feels thirsty. TORUS PET™ is smart thinking for drinking.

The TORUS PET™ bowl uses activated carbon filters to remove any impurities, guaranteeing your pet has access to clean, fresh, water every time.

TORUS PET™ Advanced Antimicrobial Filters take pet water filtration to the next level.

The Advanced Antimicrobial Filters include a stainless-steel perforated wall for more controlled release. The antimicrobial ingredients are blended with Biosafe, a FDA Compliant and NSF Certified antimicrobial technology made in the USA and that ensures a higher level of filtration.

The COC-AL60 granular activated carbon used is manufactured from select grades and is commonly used for the purification of potable water, beverage manufacture, dialysis, aquarium water and a variety of food grade applications.

Key features of the Advanced Filters

  • The antimicrobial active ingredients are made in the USA under EPA and FDA Regulations.
  • Effectively removes chlorine, chloramines, lead, TCE, PCE, THMs 1,2,3-Trichloropropane, phenols, pesticides, detergents, taste and odour, and more.
  • Each Advanced Filter comprises a molded cone with stainless steel mesh walls which allows water to “flow-through” whenever your pet drinks.
  • Each filter lasts for approximately one-month, so each replacement pack of six filters gives your pet six-months of fresh, clean water.

Bowl is sold separately.