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Torus Pet Water Bowl 2L Red

Self -Refill

No Power Supply

Antimicrobial Technology


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Dehydration is a serious problem for any animal, particularly during hot weather, following strenuous exercise or where water is not readily available. Persistent dehydration can lead to lethargy, kidney stones and in extreme cases even organ failure.

The 2-Litre TORUS™ water bowl stores up to 2-Litres of water inside its antimicrobial-protected reservoir walls and is ideal for larger pets and multi-pet homes to ensure that your pet is drinking fresh and clean water whenever it feels thirsty. Torus is smart thinking for drinking.

The reservoir houses approximately two days’ worth of water for most dogs and even more for your cat. The well dispenses approximately 300mls, replenishing when the bowl is empty or below 100mls.

TORUS™ is portable, safe and with no power required. The valve position, when locked, secures stored water inside the walls so you can take TORUS™with you wherever you go. TORUS™ is the ultimate go-anywhere bowl.

The TORUS™ design is comprised of a water storage area and a drinking well. The bulk of your pet’s water is stored and protected inside the hollow walls of TORUS™. Each time your pet takes a drink, replacement water automatically flows from the storage area through the filter into the drinking well.

The composition of TORUS™ food-grade and BPA-Free materials keeps water cooler while in the reservoir walls. The water level in the drinking well is always high enough to allow easy drinking but low enough to minimise water spills and splashes. TORUS™ is exceptionally stable. Its low profile geometry and soft rubber feet help prevent accidental spills by boisterous pets or passers-by…and its modern look suits any home…or car!