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Trouble & Trix Bliss Catnip Tweet Mice 2 Pack

Contains Catnip
Feathers To Attract Attention
Promotes Healthy Play & Exercise


Catnip, a natural herb, is a member of the mint family and its mild aroma is irresistible to most cats. It produces a short term euphoric feeling which is completely harmless. It turns them into playful kittens, giving hours of healthy, happy fun.

Trouble & Trix’s unique range of natural catnip toys has a toy to suit every type of cat and kitten – keeping even the most fussy cats amused and out of mischief.

Cats are attracted to noise, the Bliss Tweet Mice contains a rattle that creates a sound when touched and will surely capture your cat’s attention. As cats are also attracted to movement and touch, this toy is made from textured materials and feathers and is sure to entertain your cat and stimulate their predatory instinct.

Features & Benefits

  • Enticing rattle sound
  • Promotes healthy play & exercise
  • Contains catnip
  • Feathers to attract attention

Colours may vary

The Approximate size of these toys are 20cm from nose to tail