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      Trouble & Trix Ultra-Scoop Cat Litter

      100% Biodegradable

      Heavy Duty Odour Control

      Clumps When Wet, So It’s Easy To Scoop Up



      There are so many great things about living with cats. Cleaning their litter tray? That’s not one of them but Trouble and Trix Cat Litter is here to help.

      Perfect for homes with multiple cats, Trouble and Trix’s Superior Odour Control Ultra Scoop Litter tackles litterbox odours in three ways.

      It contains carbon, which absorbs strong odours, as well as baking soda and zeolite to trap and neutralise ammonia odours.

      And it clumps when it’s wet. so cleaning your cat’s litter tray is a breeze!

      • 100% biodegradable – kind to the environment
      • Clumps when wet, so it’s easy to scoop up
      • Contains baking soda, carbon and zeolite to trap and eliminate odours, replacing them with a fresh natural scent
      • Heavy duty odour control makes this an ideal choice for homes with more than one cat
      • Clumping reduces wastage, so your litter lasts longer

      You have the option to select a free litter storage container with the 15kg bag while stocks last