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      Tukkathyme Original

      What is Tukkathyme?

      A blend of oats, dehydrated vegetables and fruit (seasonal), garlic, barley, kelp, green herbs, flaked rice, flaked corn, molasses, lecithin, alfalfa – all blended together just as nature intended.




      A blend of oats, dehydrated vegetables, and fruit (seasonal), garlic, barley, kelp, green herbs, flaked rice, flaked corn, alfalfa.  In Tukkathyme, we have blended in lots of green leafy vegetables and herbs.  These dehydrate down to approximately 10 to 1 (therefore 1 tablespoon of dried, is approximately 10 tablespoons of fresh cut greens).  All you have to do is scoop out the required amount of Tukkathyme, mix it with hot water and add it to the meat.

      We have tried to keep every aspect of feeding as simple as possible for today’s busy people who want to keep their dogs as close to nature as today’s environment will allow.  We try to give a natural variety in our foods as would the seasons of nature.  This formula has been trialed over many years with huge success.  Begin with a healthy inside, for to just treat the outside, is to just treat the symptom.


      Product Ingredients

      Flaked Oats High in calcium, protein, easily digested.
      Extruded Barley Slightly laxative, aids digestion, good food for the young, cooling.
      Flaked Rice High in carbohydrates, easily digested.
      Extruded Maize A concentrated form of maize, has been cooked, is easily digested. A Life Food!
      Flaked Corn High in carbohydrates, full of iron.
      Ground Linseed Seed of the flax. Excellent winter tonic, good for coat & skin.
      Dried Fruits Valuable food, dogs like fruit. Good vitamin & mineral content, natural sugars.
      Dehydrated Greens Variety of dark green leafy vegetables, high in calcium, Vitamin C, A etc. Watercress, celery, parsley, nettle, dandelion, lucerne, chickweed, borage, raspberry leaf, nasturtium greens all valuable for their vitamin & mineral content. Root vegetables: carrot, parsnip, swede, turnip, radish, etc.
      Coconut Provides fibre. Helps in worm control.
      Dried Molasses Well known as an animal supplement, provides energy. Calcium, iron, copper.
      Rosehip Vitamin C.
      Kelp Valuable minerals.

      Tukkathyme is a 100% natural product, and contains no artificial colouring or preservatives.

      Product feeding

      For best results, feed on-third Tukkathyme to two-thirds protein, i.e. chicken, beef, mutton, fish, eggs, cottage cheese etc.

      Animal’s Weight
      Hot/Warm Water

      Mix Tukkathyme with warm/hot tap water (NOT BOILING WATER) to a smooth creamy paste, let stand for 5-10 minutes before feeding.