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Wicker Cane Basket Light

Fill With Your Pet’s Favourite Bedding


Made by Trixie of Germany these beds are top quality and provide your dog with a traditional wicker basket bed.

This bed does not come with a cushion so you can fill it with your pet’s favourite bedding or blanket or buy one of our great cushions.

Available in four sizes:
-S2 – L 60cm x W 43cm x H 17cm – base 45cm x 31cm. Suitable for small pets such as kittens, cats, Chihuahua, small terrier type, Papillon etc.
-S3 – L 70cm x W 50cm x H 18cm – base 53cm x 37cm. Suitable for small to medium pets such as terriers, schnauzers, Jack Russell, Corgi etc.
-S4 – L 80cm x W 60cm x H 21cm – base 64cm x 46cm. Suitable for medium size pets such as Beagle, Border Collie, Spaniel etc
-S5 – L 90cm x W 66cm x H 22cm – base 73cm x 51cm.  Suitable for larger size pets such as Labrador (female), Collie, Bulldog, Husky (female), Spaniel, Samoyed etc
-S6 – L 100cm x W 74cm x H 26cm – base 80cm x 60cm. Suitable for large pets such as Labrador, Retriever, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Samoyed etc