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Yours Droolly Kiwi Grown Venison & Lamb with Kiwifruit Treats

Air dried

Made in New Zealand

For Dogs And Puppies Of All Sizes



These Venison, Lamb with Kiwifruit dog treats are made from unique, quality ingredients, carefully selected from the best New Zealand has to offer.

These locally sourced morsels will have your pooch drooling for more.

  • Made with New Zealand protein and produce
  • Air dried
  • No grains, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Nothing nasty
  • Ideal for training and reward

Available in two sizes:

Product Ingredients

Packs a punch with flavour and novel combination of meats. With Venison, Lamb, coconut oil, kiwifruit, rosemary, salt, apple cider vinegar, natural antioxidants and paprika oil.