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Yours Droolly Toilet Training Pads

Super Absorbent
5 Layer Protection
Ezi-Peel Positioning Tape


Yours Droolly training pads help your puppy to become toilet trained or can be used for any age dog that cannot get outside to go the toilet.

The pads are super absorbent: pad surface dry after 60 seconds, paws stay clean and dry and pad locks in moisture and odour.

Super absorbent can absorb up to 3 cups of liquid.

5 layer protection to protect your floor.

This is also a great product for providing a place for incontinent or sick pets to safely and hygienically relieve themselves without having to venture out in the cold.

Unlike pads made for human use these pads are specifically designed to handle dog paws.

Each pad is sized 60cm x 60cm and designed to be placed on a clean dry non absorbent surface.

Ezi-peel positioning tapes help to stop pets from disturbing or moving the pad.

These pads have an inbuilt scent to attract your dog to the pad for easy training.