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Aristopet Laxative for Cats 100 grams

Aids in Relief of Hairballs & Mild Constipation
Highly Palatable
Easy to Apply



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Cats and kittens ingest hair as a result of self-grooming. This hair may then accumulate in your cat’s stomach and form hairballs.

Aristopet Laxative for Cats is ideal for aiding in the relief of hairballs and mild constipation.

Signs of hairballs are coughing, vomiting, gagging and constipation.

This easy to apply laxative paste for cats aids in relief of hairballs and mild constipation in cats of all ages.

The specially formulated flavour means cats enjoy the taste.

How to use:
Most cats will accept Aristopet Cat Laxative readily.

For fussy cats place a small amount on their paw, the cat will lick its paw to ingest the paste.

For the average 4Kg cat, squeeze 2-3cm from the tube.

For smaller cats, vary dosage accordingly.