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Coastal Canine Joint Boost 100gm

Intensive Antioxidant Support

Supports Joints And Inflammation

Promotes Blood Flow To Stiff Joints


Restore the joy to your walks together. Joint Boost is our advanced supplement to support compromised joint and immune health. 

Packed with powerful nutrients – high levels of glucosamine & chondroitin sulphate nourish tender joints and cushion cartilage for easy movement. Enzogenol promotes blood flow to stiff muscles & gives intensive cellular support to dogs who need a boost. Long-chain omega-3s maintain inflammation (DHA, EPA, ETA, OTA). Chlorophyll supports detoxification so cells can properly absorb nutrients. Rich in phytonutrients, selenium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, iodine, vitamins B12 & B complex.

Fussy dogs or those with sensitive digestion may be better suited to our Essential Boost Supplement.

Recommended For

  • Dogs who suffer from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or limited mobility
  • Dogs who are recovering from joint surgery
  • Senior dogs who are slowing down with age
  • Can be used alongside pharmaceutical treatments such as NSAIDs.
  • Fussy dogs or those with sensitive digestion may be better suited to our Essential Boost supplement. 


  • High levels of Green Lipped mussel supports joints and inflammation.
  • Pine bark extract provides intensive antioxidant support for a struggling immune system and promotes blood flow to stiff joints.
  • Wheatgrass, barleygrass and parsley provide phytonutrients and chlorophyll to support and detox cells.
  • Rich in long-chain omega-3s, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, selenium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, iodine, vitamins b12 & b complex.
  • Made in New Zealand. Blended in small batches with local ingredients for optimal freshness.
  • 100% New Zealand ingredients. We source locally wherever possible for greater traceability and transparency.
  • Clean ingredients. Sustainably grown, human-grade, free from synthetics and hidden excipients.
  • Demonstrated efficacy. Coastal Canine’s Green Lipped mussel and Pine Bark Extract are backed by independent scientific trials.
  • Bioavailable. Natural, canine-specific formulations with high absorption.


Product Ingredients

83g Green Lipped Mussel, 5g Wheatgrass, 5g Barleygrass, 5g Parsley, 2g Pine Bark Extract (Enzogenol).

Product feeding

Sprinkle 1/4 tsp of powder per 15 kg body weight over food each day. Tiny dogs will only need a pinch. For faster results double the dosage for the first 4 weeks.

Human grade but intended for animal use only. Safe for long term use.

Check with your vet if your dog is taking medication. Contains shellfish.