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      Dog Sun Safe Sunscreen Balm

      30gm Tin



      Proven Natural Ingredients


      Dog Sun Safe is a sunscreen for dogs in a perfect portable 30g tin!

      Made with natural ingredients it’s safe for lickers and will keep your pup protected all summer long with an SPF factor of 25.

      Developed and tested by a holistic veterinarian, Pet Sun Safe is an essential item for your pet first aid kit, travel bag or beach pack.

      Pet Sun Safe is ideal for pink nose and black nose dogs, but isn’t suitable for cats.

      For topical use.
      Apply by massaging a thin layer of balm into the skin of your dog in areas exposed to sun 20 minutes before sun exposure.

      Product Ingredients

      Proven Natural Ingredients:

      Zinc Oxide
      Active sunscreen ingredient

      Lavender Oil
      Anti-bacterial for wound care

      Olive Oil & Almond Oil
      Natural, lick-safe carrier oil

      Coconut Oil 
      Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising Shea Butter Smooths, softens and hydrates the skin

      Helps heal chapped skin