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      Ezy Dog Life Vest Red

      Ultra Buoyant Foam

      Makes Swim Time Safe

      Keeps Dog Upright In Water



      EzyDog Dog Life Jackets Help Make Swim Time Safe for your Dog

      EzyDog has always been dedicated to helping dog owners get out and play with their furry friends, and there is no better place to do it than the water. Our DFD’s (Dog Flotation Devices) are designed to offer superior safety, fit and comfort so you can relax when your dog is around water

      Many Dog PFD’s on the market do not have enough flotation material in them, which is why our dog life vests have up to 50% more floatation material than most competing products. After all, we believe your Dog Float Vest should actually float! We also use top of the line materials and technology throughout and ensure a comfortable fit for all dogs – not forgetting they look pretty cool too!!

      Combining advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest performance materials – EzyDog has yet again set the benchmark for canine products! The Doggy Flotation Device has been designed and extensively tested to give your dog the most ergonomic and snug fit possible. Our unique Ultra-Buoyancy Foam is strategically positioned around the vest to keep your dog in a natural swimming position at all times. Unlike other vests, the DFD does not hinder your dog’s natural movement and can be fastened/removed easily and quickly.

      For best fit, measure the girth and length of the dog. The girth being the area behind the front legs and around the body and the length being the area from the neck to the base of his/her tail.

      Girth will take priority when selecting a size. The DFD does not need to cover your dog’s entire back length to be effective.

      Available in Seven sizes:

      Weight (kg) Girth (cm) Length (cm)
      -Micro 2XS – Under 7kg – 26-42 cm / 22-30 cm
      -Micro XS – Under 7kg – 30-50 cm / 26-35 cm
      -XS – 7-11kg – 48-81 cm / 25-33 cm
      -S – 9-20kg – 53-89 cm / 33-41 cm
      -M – 18-27kg – 64-99 cm / 38-50 cm
      -L – 27-41kg – 69-112 cm / 43-61 cm
      -XL – 41+kg – 76-122 cm / 51-66 cm