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Rogz Yumz Treat Bone for Small Dogs & Puppies

Great boredom buster
Fill with any treat
Bounces and great for Fetch



Keep your dog entertained with a Rogz Yumz Treat Bone.  Your dog will be busy trying to solve the dispensing puzzle keeping destructive behaviour at bay.

Just fill the holes on each side and watch the fun!

One side treats come out easier which will get their attention whilst the other side is harder to get treats out so keeps them busy.

Made from TPR which is safe for humans and pets the inside treat cavity has 3 fins to hold treats longer and keep your dog entertained.

Yumz massages and gives treats!  This treat dispensing chew toy has GMT – Gum Massaging Technology to gently massage and clean the gums.  This is done through the use of textured surfaces and a flexible thermoplastic rubber.

It bounces and fetches as well!  Great for interactive play and obedience training.

NO squeaker in this toy just a great way to keep your pooch occupied.

Designed for dog’s teeth and to build up strength in their jaws.

Maintaining healthy gums while having fun chewing.  Perfect for using with doggy toothpaste to keep their teeth clean and mouths fresh.

Small is 8.8cm long x 5.5cm deep and is suited for small dogs and medium/large breed puppies

ROGZ Bite O Meter is 4 Hard