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Trixie Junior Kitten Circle 24cm


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Made by Trixie of Germany this colourful interactive toy is designed to stimulate your kitten cat to poke and bite the removable bright balls x 5, Great for keeping your cat entertained for hours on end.

This colourful Trixie Junior Play Tower has been specially developed to satisfy your kitten’s playing and hunting instincts.

The toy helps to increase your cat’s levels of activity as well as training its agility, intelligence and reactions. Once they are set in motion with a curious paw, the colourful balls will move rapidly around.

Your cat will try to reach them through the openings at the side, with its paws or with its teeth. The balls will continue to move constantly and won’t let themselves be caught!

The Trixie Plastic Play Tower is great for keeping your kitten entertained in the long term and helps prevent boredom, even when you are out of the house. This action-packed toy will help to pass many a happy hour and challenge your cat’s mind.

Suitable for kittens and small adult cats.

24cm diameter x 5cm high. Balls are 4cm diameter.