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TastyBone Chew Bone Lamb

100% Virgin Nylon
For Vigorous Chewers
Lip-Smackingly Delicious Lamb Flavour



Made in the UK TastyBone™ has been tested on the most vigorous of chewers – it satisfies every bit of your dog’s urge to gnaw and is packed with irresistible flavours.

TastyBone only use human consumption grade flavours with no animal content, salt, sugar, additives or preservatives. Only the finest quality materials are used to manufacture tough and tasty chew, treat and play toys that dog’s love. Now that’s what we call tail waggingly good.

TastyBones satisfy every bit of a dog’s urge to gnaw. With every bite your dog’s teeth and gums become stronger, protecting against infections. Saliva produced when chewing helps to break down plaque and prevents the build-up of tartar, while grooves and ridges in the bones gently cleanse teeth and massage gums. Bye, bye dog breath.

With every bite your dog’s gums and teeth become stronger and healthier, protecting against infections, tooth loss and vet fees and with a TastyBone™ firmly gripped in its mouth, your dog won’t be chewing up anything else either.

Made from 100% virgin nylon, it is guaranteed to last. Uniquely infused with irresistible flavours right through to the core, your dog will never get bored, as the flavour will last for the lifetime of the bone.

TastyBone™ is perfectly safe to ingest – small fragments will pass through your dog’s system harmlessly. Can be washed in tepid water, and because it’s so tough, it lasts for ages and ages.

This bone has a lip-smackingly delicious Lamb flavour.

Available in 3 sizes:

Toy –  11cm x 3cm (widest) x 2cm thick

Small/Medium – 15cm x 4cm (widest) x 2.2cm thick

Large – 17cm x 6cm (widest) x 3cm thick