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Tether Tug Easy Tug with Ball Toy Attachment

Low Human Impact Tug Toy

Soft Rubber Handle

Multiple Attachments



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From the USA the 2019 Pet Product News Editors Choice Award Winner!

Play tug-of-war with your dog without the strain on your arm and shoulder.

The soft rubber handle and the proprietary Easy FlexTM technology stretches as your dog tugs, shakes and pulls. This lets your dog play rough with minimal exertion on your upper body.

It’s a great indoor tug toy alternative the whole family can enjoy!

The Easy Tug comes with the Ball Toy Attachment and a super-strong removable Velcro piece used to join the toy to the Easy Tug so you can change out the toys to keep it fun and exciting.

You can use any of the Tether Tug attachments with this toy.